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Take advantage of new pension benefits introduced by recent legislation.

You can now grow your pension assets and reduce your company’s taxable profits.

The Finance Act 2022, effective since January 2023, offers significant benefits for pension savers. Employer contributions to a PRSA are no longer treated as a Benefit in Kind. This means your company can contribute to your PRSA without limitations, except for the overall standard fund threshold of €2 million.

If you’re an owner-manager of a cash-rich business, now is the perfect time to build up your pension pot. Contributions can be claimed as tax relief in the accounting period they are paid, enhancing your company’s tax efficiency.

For example: 

PRSA Contribution Corporation Tax Saving
€100,000.00 €12,500.00
€250,000.00 €31,250.00
€500,000.00 €62,500.00
€1,000,000.00 €125,000.00
€2,000,000.00 €250,000.00

Benefits of a PRSA:

  • Control: You manage your investment strategy or you can choose EUI to do so for you.
  • Variety: Choose from a wide range of investment options.
  • Flexibility: Adapt your PRSA to your circumstances, employment, and risk appetite.
  • Consolidation: Transfer existing pension funds at no charge and potentially reduce costs.
  • Transparency: Fully transparent costs.
  • Tax Relief: Enjoy tax relief at your highest rate on personal contributions, subject to Revenue limits.
  • Tax-Free Growth: PRSA assets grow free of capital gains and income tax.
  • Retirement Planning: Plan your retirement benefits to suit your needs.

Further benefits offered through EUI Private Wealth are, as International Pension specialists, we can move your pension under EU freedom of transfer rules to a favourable jurisdiction where you can avail of a higher tax free lump sum (subject to retirement residency) and no restrictions on the fund size your pension can grow.


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