Empowering Financial Advisors to Grow Client Portfolios:

EUI Investments:

EUI Investments is the specialised investment product division and business name of EUI Private Wealth Ltd. We provide a sophisticated blend of investment solutions and strategic support, aimed at empowering financial advisors to enhance the prosperity of their clients

As a Financial Advisor:

Your role extends beyond offering financial advice; it’s about offering opportunities, fostering growth, and sculpting the financial future of your clients. EUI Investment Services understands this responsibility and has access to in excess of 30 issuers with best option pricing from 7 leading investment banks to build an expansive suite of investment products designed to help you fulfil your commitment to your clients with unwavering confidence.

400+ Universe of Products

We have a large universe of 400+ product variations of yield enhancement, participation, leverage and capital guaranteed payoffs. 20+ currencies and thousands of underlying instruments including equities, equity indices, exchange traded funds, credits, interest rates and commodities.

Product Design 

Bespoke Investment Design

Additionally, we can work with you, subject to volumes, to develop bespoke investment product for your own client base. We can design specific product, e.g. Autocallables; Capital Protected and Outperformance Certificates across equities, fixed income, alternatives, and multi-asset solutions. Our investment products are not only geared towards delivering sustainable returns but are also customized to meet the diverse needs of your clients. In partnership with us, you’ll have access to the tools and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial market and steer your clients toward their financial goals.

EUI Investment Services goes beyond merely providing investment products. Our dedicated team of professionals continuously tracks global markets, anticipates trends, and adjusts strategies, equipping you with the insights to make informed decisions and provide forward-thinking advice. By working with us, you can keep your clients at the forefront of financial opportunities..

Transparency, trust, and teamwork form the bedrock of our ethos. We aim to foster a strong relationship with you, offering responsive support and clear, consistent communication to help you better serve your clients. Our commitment to integrity and accountability ensures that you can place your trust in us, just as your clients place their trust in you.

EUI Investment Services doesn’t just offer investment products, we offer partnerships. We stand alongside financial advisors, helping you to help your clients. We are investing in futures, yours and your clients. Join us in our mission to elevate client portfolios and enrich financial futures. Reach out to EUI Investment Services today and discover why we are the preferred choice for financial advisors seeking to amplify their services.