pension founds

The Finance Act 2022 effective since January 2023 has brought in significant benefits for pension saver which is your employer’s contribution is no longer treated as a Benefit in Kind following the 2022 Finance Act.

What this actually means is an employer  can make an employer  contribution to a PRSA they wish and the only limit is the overall standard fund threshold of of €2 Million. If you are an owner manager of your own business with a cash rich balance sheet, now is a good time to build up your pension pot, additionally, the employer can claim tax relief on the contribution in the accounting period it is paid.

Some other benefits of a PRSA are:

  • You control your investment strategy.
  • You can select from a wide variety of investment options.
  • A PRSA is flexible and can change to suit your circumstances, your employment, income and risk appetite.
  • A PRSA can accept transfers from existing pension funds at no charge. You have the potential to hold all your pension arrangements in one vehicle, potentially reducing costs
  • The costs of a PRSA are fully transparent.
  • You can enjoy tax relief at your highest rate of tax on any personal contributions made (subject to Revenue limits).
  • PRSA assets grow free of both capital gains tax and income tax.
  • You can plan how your eventual retirement benefits are taken, in order to suit your needs.

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